Did anyone catch the season finale of Basketball Wives last night? I used to like Evelyn but I can’t believe what her true colors showed. A professional groupie, an old stunt queen (since the 90’s??!) call it what you want. She has never been married to an athlete just engaged. And now she engaged to another, a fine one at that. Boo, what happens when you are married and he steps out on you. Would you buy it when the jump off says she didn’t even know you existed? Would you?

Everyone knows Kenny Anderson was with Spinderalla and Tammy from Real World, why lie?

And then to say Kenny slept with everyone?? Including you slore bag!

Judging by Twitter Tammy has low self esteem because she still talking to you, that’s too bad.

Cackling cack cack cack, ta hee hee hee…

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Did You Hear That?

Has God ever spoken to you? Like you hear about it all the time and it sounds crazy but when it happened did you listen? Why are we so hard headed?

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When He Threatens To Leave

Has anyone ever pushed the envelope to see how much their man would take before they threatened to leave? And when he did and you cried and apologized didn’t he give you another chance? Am I about to loose a good man because of my games? Like seriously I didn’t think something this good existed and then I get it and act like a jerk. Who’s been there with me? How do I fix this?

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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